What is Included in a Deep House Cleaning?

what is included in a deep house cleaning

Deep house cleaning can be likened to the Mona Lisa: a masterpiece of artistry, veiled in mystery, and crafted with intricate details.

Rather than da Vinci’s brush strokes, imagine a choreographed dance of sprays, scrubs, and vacuums, all culminating in a magnum opus of domestic brilliance.

The Difference Between Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

Imagine, if you will, a diorama. On one side, you have ‘Regular Cleaning,’ bustling with the quotidian—dishes washed, floors swept, and counters wiped. It’s like a daily news update, enough to keep you informed but rarely diving deep into any issue.

Then there’s ‘Deep Cleaning.’ A panoramic IMAX documentary that takes you through each crack, crevice, and hidden shadow. The archaeological dig of homemaking, excavating dirt and grime has fossilized over time. 

We’re talking about degreasing ovens, descaling bathroom tiles, and even purging your home of those microscopic invaders nesting in your upholstery.

Simply put, if regular cleaning is a quick skim through your favorite magazine, deep cleaning is the equivalent of reading ‘War and Peace’—intense, thorough, and, yes, profoundly satisfying.

What to Expect from This Guide

Prepare yourself for an odyssey—a Homeric epic, but in the realm of cleaning. We shall traverse kitchens, delve into bathrooms, ascend into attics, and even venture into the often-overlooked nooks and crannies. It’s not just a guide; it’s a holistic encyclopedia meant to equip you with an arsenal of know-how, tools, and techniques to metamorphose your living space into a sanctuary of cleanliness.

So buckle up, grab your mop like a wizard’s staff, and prepare to conjure a living environment that rivals the splendor of Versailles or the serenity of a Japanese Zen garden. Transformation awaits.

The Unseen Universe: Hidden Dust and Germs

Microscopic Invaders in Your Space

Picture a surreptitious world, an invisible landscape teeming with life. Your living room, kitchen, sanctuary of a bedroom—all colonized by invisible interlopers. No, this isn’t science fiction. It’s a microbial fact.

These microscopic beings inhabit your cushions, loiter your kitchen countertops, and even engage in nefarious activities on your toothbrush. Even in the seeming serenity of your home, bacterial bacchanals and fungal fiestas are happening right under your nose.

From common dust mites to malevolent molds, your domicile hosts an entourage of unwanted guests. Have you ever heard of Staphylococcus? It sounds like a sorcerer’s spell, but it’s a bacterium often found in your bathroom, lurking… waiting. 

And let’s not forget our good friend Escherichia coli, making a home in your kitchen sponge like an unwelcome in-law.

Why Regular Cleaning Doesn’t Cut It

Preliminary sweeps and cursory wipes resemble putting a band-aid on a gaping wound. An insufficient salve. Regular cleaning rituals deal only with the surface level—the aesthetic arena—of your living space. 

But what of the subsurface ecosystem? The entrenched legions of germs, concealed but in plain sight? To honestly declare sovereignty over your abode, you need a cleaning routine that is nothing short of a crusade—an unholy war against the clandestine chaos inhabiting your home.

Clean Your Entire Home

Prepping for the Big Clean: Setting the Stage

Gathering Your Magical Cleaning Arsenal

Anticipate the forthcoming metamorphosis of your home by assembling an arsenal of cleaning instruments that rival a wizard’s toolkit. The suitable cleaning agents are your alchemical potions, capable of transmuting grime into glittering surfaces. Consider enzyme cleaners as your magical elixirs, microfiber cloths as your enchanted scrolls, and vacuum attachments as your arsenal of wands.

But remember, even the most potent of spells requires incantation precision. Reading the labels on cleaning products can be as revealing as deciphering ancient runes. Don’t overlook the symbiosis between elements; certain cleaning products should never be mixed lest you conjure a toxic haze.

The Room-by-Room Game Plan

A foray into the fortress of filth is no meandering journey; it demands a tactical strategy. A well-conceived blueprint does more than navigate; it orchestrates your actions into a symphonic efficiency routine.

Start with a reconnaissance sweep. Identify the spaces most besieged by grime and prioritize them in your plan. Will you start with the kitchen’s culinary theater or the bathroom’s tile-laden sanctuary? A methodical room-by-room advance ensures you don’t spread dirt and germs from one room to another, cross-contaminating your space like an unwitting double agent.

The Zen of Decluttering: Less is More

From Chaos to Calm: The Power of Decluttering

As you embark on this journey, acknowledge that clutter is not merely an eyesore—it’s an energy vortex, siphoning off serenity and mindfulness from your daily life. Think of each unnecessary object as a metaphysical paperweight, holding down your potential for inner tranquility.

Decluttering is more than an act; it’s a ritual. A liturgical movement that transforms physical space into spiritual grace. Every item you remove is like exhaling a breath of stagnant air, making way for the refreshing oxygen of renewal.

Tips to Declutter Like a Pro Before Diving In

A prelude to purging is in order before you even unsheathe your mop or uncap your bleach.

  • The Three-Bag Technique: One for trash, one for items to donate, and another for things to keep but relocate. It’s as definite as Dante’s circles of Hell but infinitely more uplifting.
  • The Six-Month Rule: If you haven’t used an item in the past six months, it’s a prime candidate for exile. Make no room for emotional hedging; be as unsentimental as a samurai.
  • Digitize and Minimize: From stacks of old magazines to ancient tax records, scan what you can and recycle the rest. Your physical realm shouldn’t be an archive of yesteryears.

Armed with these pearls of wisdom, you’re ready to embark on the meticulous magic of a deep house clean, turning your domestic life from a labyrinthine mess to a Zen oasis of calm.

Kitchens: The Culinary Theater’s Makeover

Oven Ovation: The Deep Clean Your Oven Yearns For

Within your kitchen’s confines, the oven is a silent witness to countless gastronomic experiments. But as your culinary skills evolve, so does the accumulation of grease, grime, and the remnants of delicious dishes past. With its metallic embrace, the oven demands a show-stopping ovation in the form of a deep clean.

Prepare a concoction of baking soda and water, forming a paste that promises to strip away layers of carbonized mysteries. Apply this potion to the oven’s interior, allowing it to sit like an elixir of timelessness.

With the patience of a philosopher, scrub away the paste, unveiling a range reborn—pristine and gleaming, ready for its next culinary performance.

Nooks and Crannies: The Forgotten Areas

Like an intricate labyrinth of flavors, the kitchen houses crevices often neglected—corners that harbor dust bunnies and cupboards that stash secrets of yesteryears. Dive into the abyss of forgotten spaces with enthusiasm.

Behind the Refrigerator

An expedition into this abyss is an exercise in rediscovery. Retrieve errant utensils, vanished socks, and that long-lost spice jar like an archeologist unearthing a hidden treasure.

Under the Sink

Amidst the under-sink underworld, confront a coalition of cleaning products whose labels have faded into obscurity. Reevaluate their utility and bid farewell to those who have overstayed their welcome.

With determination and curiosity, transform your kitchen from a maze of neglect into a realm of gleaming grandeur.

Bathrooms: The Sanctuary Reset

Tile and Grout: Unveiling Their Sparkle

As you step into your bathroom, envision a space where you can rejuvenate, refresh, and recharge—a sanctuary where tiles and grout are worthy of admiration. Alas, these surfaces become battlegrounds for soap scum, mineral deposits, and mildew over time.

Begin the revival with a potent mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. These elements perform a bubbling waltz like a chemical ballet, lifting stains and grime with gentle precision.

Armed with a soft-bristle brush, scrub the tiles and grout like an artist perfecting fine details. Rinse away the residue, revealing a canvas that’s renewed and radiant.

Toilet Tales: It’s More Than Just a Flush

The toilet—oh, the tales it could tell if it could talk. Instead, it endures its trials in silence, its porcelain surface frequently subjected to splashes and swirls. A thorough cleaning is not just for appearances; it’s a gesture of respect for this unsung hero of your bathroom.

A cocktail of baking soda and vinegar, stirred with a toilet brush, serves as your magical concoction. Let it dwell briefly, a potent potion fizzing away accumulated grime. A firm scrub and a flush later, your toilet is no longer a tale of woe but a story of redemption, ready to uphold its role with pride.

Bedrooms: The Cozy Corners

Mattress Magic: A Good Night’s Sleep Awaits

Your mattress, that silent supporter of dreams and slumber, deserves more than a simple change of sheets. Beneath those covers lies a microcosm of dust mites, skin cells, and the traces of late-night snacks. Your mattress awaits a deep clean that befits its role as your nightly haven.

Begin with a thorough vacuuming, employing an upholstery attachment to liberate debris. Then, concoct a blend of warm water and mild detergent. Gently dab the surface with a clean cloth, removing stains and odors with the care of a master chemist. 

Lastly, allow your mattress to bask in the sun’s rays, its fibers absorbing warmth and freshness.

Closet Cleanse: Out with the Old, In with the New

Your closet, akin to a personal time capsule, harbors relics of fashion trends gone by, shoes that have danced their last, and accessories that have lost their luster. To unveil the true potential of your closet, embark on a cleansing expedition.

Like a curator assessing a museum collection, review each garment’s value in your present and future. Bid farewell to pieces that have served their purpose, making space for the new. Embrace the minimalist philosophy, where quality triumphs over quantity, and each piece tells a story worthy of preservation.

With the magic of cleaning rituals, every corner of your home transforms from mundane to magnificent, revealing the splendors that have long been concealed.

Living Spaces: The Social Butterfly’s Retreat

Upholstery Unveiled: From Drab to Fab

Like the canvas of a virtuoso painter, your living spaces deserve to be adorned with furniture that tells a story of comfort and elegance. 

Yet, upholstery can succumb to the wear and tear of life’s theater over time. Fear not, for a transformation is at hand, ushering your furniture from drabness to fabulosity.

Fabric Resurrection

Begin by deciphering the secret language of your upholstery care tags. Armed with this lexicon, embark on a gentle vacuuming spree, removing dust and crumbs with finesse. 

Consider fabric-specific cleaning solutions for fabric resurrection, dabbing away stains like a master conservator.

Leather Love Affair

Leather upholstery demands a tango of creams and conditioners, nourishing its surface and restoring its sheen. Much like a skincare routine, the right products unveil the youthful vitality of your leather furniture, turning heads like the finale of a grand ballroom dance.

That Carpet Though: Reviving Your Floor Art

Underfoot, a tapestry of fibers awaits your attention—a canvas that endures footfalls, spills, and the daily bustle. Reviving your carpets is more than an act; it celebrates your floor’s artistic narrative.

Vacuum Reverie

Regular vacuuming is the prelude to any carpet renaissance. With the precision of a curator dusting off artifacts, glide your vacuum in all directions, summoning particles from the depths of your carpet’s soul.

Stain Sonata

Like a symphony conductor fine-tuning the orchestra, address stains promptly. There’s a bespoke remedy for each type of blemish: a concoction for red wine, a formula for coffee, and a spell for pet accidents. Remember, your carpet’s tales are written in stains; let them be chapters of triumph.

Walls and Windows: The Transparent Truth

Wipe, Wipe, Baby: Techniques for Spotless Walls

Walls, the silent spectators of your life’s tableau, can harbor the fingerprints of daily existence. Their pristine appearance wanes, painted over by smears, splatters, and the imprints of life’s vivaciousness.

Wash Wisdom

Embrace the art of washing your walls, a choreography that requires gentleness and precision. A mixture of mild dish soap and water is your palette; a soft cloth is your brush. Begin from the top and glide as though guiding your walls into a harmonious state of cleanliness.

Peculiar Partitions

Walls aren’t just canvases but mosaics of peculiarities. From crayon sketches by budding artists to sticky residues left behind by playful pets, each wall presents its challenges. Employ erasers for scuff marks, magic sponges for stubborn stains, and elbow grease for ingrained dirt.

windows cleaning

Windows: The Soul of Your Home Needs Cleaning Too

Windows, the glistening eyes of your abode, cast light upon your life’s narrative. Yet, they’re often smudged, fogged, and veiled by the dust of neglect.

Translucent Transformation

Embry on a clarity journey with a concoction of vinegar and water. Spray, wipe, and buff—a three-step waltz that rejuvenates the glass like a magician revealing secrets. For a final touch of sparkle, employ microfiber cloths, the maestros of streak-free sheen.

Shade Sonata

Don’t overlook the curtains and blinds that frame your windows. A thorough vacuuming is their entrée into the symphony of cleaning. If fabric permits, consider laundering or dry-cleaning, breathing life back into their role as your windows’ stylish attire.

Garages, Basements, and Attics: The Forgotten Territories

The Garage Grunge: From Dingy to Dazzling

Beyond the boundaries of your living spaces lie territories often forgotten—garages, basements, and attics, each accumulating its ecosystem of clutter and dust.

Garage Gem Polishing

As the guardian of forgotten tools, sports equipment, and miscellaneous ephemera, the garage is a treasure trove of potential. Sweep, sort, and contemplate the usefulness of each item. Organize with shelving, pegboards, and storage bins—a choreographed ballet that transforms the garage’s chaos into a symphony of order.

Basements and Attics: Unearth Hidden Treasures Safely

Basements and attics, like archaeological sites, house relics of the past. Yet, these spaces often become abysses of neglect, host to accumulated belongings and secrets.

Basement Odyssey

  • Identify items that have outlived their purpose, discarded like old costumes from a theater production.
  • Illuminate the space with well-placed lighting, evoking the aura of a curated exhibit.
  • If your basement hosts appliances, ensure their functionality with periodic checks and maintenance.

Attic Adventures

Dust, mildew, and insulation fibers may dominate your attic. Begin with a decluttering spree, parting ways with items no longer valuable. If you aspire to convert your attic into a living space, consider insulation upgrades and proper ventilation, turning it into a haven of comfort.

With these transformative rituals, your forgotten territories emerge from the shadows, reborn as extensions of your living spaces, bearing the potential for creativity, storage, and even newfound sanctuaries.

professional cleaner

Hiring Professionals: When to Call in the Cavalry

The Pros of Pros: Why It Might Be Worth It

While embarking on a journey of deep cleaning can be an empowering adventure, there are moments when the cavalry of professional cleaners is not only justified but a true asset.

Specialized Expertise

Consider intricate spaces like chandeliers, intricate glasswork, or delicate antiques. The artisans of the cleaning realm possess technical knowledge capable of rejuvenating these treasures without a single misstep.

Time Alchemy

Life’s demands can sometimes render the gift of time scarce. When your calendar is crowded, professionals swoop in, performing a time alchemy that grants you the luxury of a sparkling home without stealing moments from your day.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis: DIY vs Professional Cleaning

Much like a financial investment, evaluating the cost-benefit ratio of professional cleaning versus a DIY endeavor is essential.

Professional Panache

When you hire professionals, you aren’t just purchasing cleanliness—you’re investing in an experience. The professional touch extends beyond surfaces, adding a layer of panache that elevates your abode to a refined state.

DIY Dedication

On the flip side, DIY cleaning is a testament to your dedication. It’s a choreographed dance where you wield the brush, the mop, and the spray—a symphony of personal involvement that translates to a home steeped in your effort.

The Perfect Schedule: Timing Is Everything

Seasonal Showdown: When to Deep Clean What

Much like a conductor’s baton, timing orchestrates the symphony of your cleaning routine. Each season ushers in specific cleaning tasks, aligning with the ebb and flow of life.

Spring Flourish

As nature reawakens, your home emerges from winter’s hibernation. Spring is the time to embrace open windows, dusting away the cobwebs of stagnation and allowing the fresh air to cleanse your living spaces.

Summer Splendor

With the sun’s embrace, outdoor spaces seek attention. Patio furniture, grill areas, and decks all yearn for a rejuvenating touch as you prepare for endless gatherings and alfresco feasts.

Your Deep Cleaning Calendar: A Blueprint for Brilliance

Crafting a deep cleaning calendar is akin to mapping constellations—an intricate web of tasks and time, yielding a canvas of brilliance.

Weekly Wanderings

Allocate a day each week for smaller tasks that, when compounded, bestow an aura of perpetual cleanliness. Dusting, vacuuming, and quick kitchen clean-ups—these weekly escapades keep chaos at bay.

Monthly Marathons

Tackle more significant projects with monthly precision. From bathroom grout to bedroom corners, these endeavors ensure that no nook goes untouched. It’s a rhythmic pulse that provides a harmonious home.

Seasonal Quests

As each season transitions, embark on a seasonal quest that addresses the unique needs of that period. This structured approach prevents overwhelm, ensuring your cleaning rituals are practical and attainable.

In this dance of timing and dedication, your home transforms into a haven that harmonizes with the rhythm of life itself.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q1. What is deep house cleaning?

Answer: Deep house cleaning is a thorough process beyond regular cleaning. It includes cleaning and sanitizing areas that are often overlooked during routine cleaning.

Q2. What are the typical areas covered in deep house cleaning?

Answer: Deep house cleaning typically includes cleaning and disinfecting areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, floors, walls, ceilings, windows, and appliances. It also removes dust, dirt, and grime from hidden or neglected spaces.

3. Do deep house cleaning services include furniture and upholstery cleaning?

Answer: Yes, deep house cleaning services may include cleaning and refreshing furniture, upholstery, and carpets, but it often depends on the specific service provider and the package chosen.

Q4. Are deep cleaning services customizable?

Answer: Many deep cleaning services offer customizable options to meet individual needs. You can often tailor the cleaning checklist to address your concerns and priorities.

Q5. Is window cleaning included in deep house cleaning?

Answer: Yes, window cleaning is typically included in deep house cleaning. Professionals clean both interior and exterior windows to ensure a spotless finish.

Q6. What cleaning products are used in deep house cleaning?

Deep house cleaning often involves using heavy-duty cleaning products and specialized equipment. Eco-friendly and non-toxic options may be available upon request.

Q7. How often should I schedule deep house cleaning?

Answer: The frequency of deep house cleaning depends on factors such as the size of your home, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Many people opt for deep cleaning on a quarterly or biannual basis, while others may choose an annual deep clean.

Conclusion: The Aftermath of Deep Cleaning

How It Feels to Live in a Deeply Cleaned Space

You step into your freshly deep-cleaned home, and the atmosphere seems to breathe with newfound vibrancy. The air feels lighter, untainted by lingering odors or hidden dust. Each surface gleams, reflecting the natural light that dances through your windows. It’s a visual symphony, a testament to the meticulous magic you’ve woven into every nook and cranny.

The sensation of living in a deeply cleaned space is akin to taking a deep breath after a rainstorm—it’s refreshing, cleansing, and transformative. As you move about, you feel a sense of serenity, as if the physical order has sparked a mental clarity. It’s more than a visual change; it’s an emotional upgrade. 

Your home becomes a shelter and a sanctuary—a canvas for you to express, unwind, and thrive.

Next Steps: Maintenance Mode

Emerging from the realm of deep cleaning, you’re now poised on the threshold of maintenance mode. The efforts you’ve invested are not fleeting; they’re the stepping stones to a lifestyle shift—an ongoing commitment to the well-being of your space.

Routine Rituals

Transition into a rhythm of regular cleaning that aligns with your lifestyle. Embrace weekly tasks that keep dust and clutter at bay, allowing you to savor the aftermath of your deep cleaning venture.

Preventive Measures

Incorporate habits that prevent future build-up. Place doormats to trap outdoor dirt, use coasters to avoid beverage stains and establish designated zones for high-traffic items. It’s about minimizing the need for another grand cleaning crusade.

deep cleaning tips

Bonus: Quick and Dirty Tips for Deep Cleaning Veterans

Time-Saving Hacks

For those well-acquainted with the art of deep cleaning, efficiency is the name of the game. Here are a few hacks to expedite your cleaning rituals:

Zone Defense

Divide your home into zones and tackle one at a time. This focused approach prevents overwhelm and ensures a thorough clean in manageable chunks.

Double Duty

Let cleaning products pull double duty. A multipurpose cleaner can handle countertops, mirrors, and even some appliances. Multitasking products streamline your arsenal.

Products That Elevate the Experience

In the realm of deep cleaning, the right products are your allies, enhancing the experience with efficiency and efficacy:

Steam Power

A steam cleaner is your secret weapon against grime and bacteria. It harnesses the power of heat to sanitize surfaces and loosen dirt without chemicals.

Microfiber Marvels

Microfiber cloths and mops are champions of gentle yet effective cleaning. Their intricate fibers trap particles like a spider’s web, leaving surfaces pristine.

Additional Resources and Recommendations

The Ultimate Checklist for Deep Cleaning

Embarking on a deep cleaning mission requires a roadmap. This comprehensive checklist ensures no corner is left unattended, guiding you through every room and every task.

  • Living Areas: Dusting, vacuuming, upholstery care.
  • Kitchen: Appliance cleaning, pantry organization, dishware scrutiny.
  • Bathroom: Tile and grout cleaning, toilet maintenance, ventilation check.
  • Bedroom: Mattress cleaning, closet organization, air quality assessment.
  • Outdoors: Patio furniture care, gardening tasks, window washing.

Where to Find Top-Rated Cleaning Products and Services

Armed with the knowledge of what to use, you need to know where to find the best tools for your cleaning endeavors. Look no further:

  • Local Stores: Visit hardware and home goods stores for cleaning supplies.
  • Online Retailers: Platforms like Amazon offer many options, often with user reviews to guide your choices.
  • Professional Cleaning Services: When you need a specialized touch, reputable cleaning services can step in and handle the task with expertise.

With these resources at your disposal, your journey from a meticulously deep-cleaned home to a maintained haven becomes a seamless transition, allowing you to revel in the beauty and tranquility of your living spaces.

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