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SK MAID is your best option for expert cleaning services in NYC. We provide a wide range of cleaning services in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. Our professionals ensure the best possible cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers in NYC.
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With 6000+ satisfied customers,15+ years of experience, and a large number of cleaning staff, we’re your trusted professionals in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. We’re dedicated to delivering the best cleaning solutions for your needs. Choose SK MAID for reliable service and better results every time.
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Home & Apartment Cleaning

Refresh your living space with our expertise Cleaner.

Commercial Cleaning

Professional cleaning for businesses and offices.

AC Cleaning

Keep your air conditioning system fresh and efficient.

Carpet & Mattress Cleaning

Revive carpets and mattresses with our professional cleaning methods.

Maid Cleaning

Trustworthy maids for a clean home environment.

Window Cleaning

Let the light shine through crystal-clear windows.

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Affordable Price

We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. We work to ensure that everyone can afford professional cleaning services by providing affordable pricing that is clear and free of hidden costs.

Professionl Team

We ensure that each staff member has enough abilities and efficiency to meet your cleaning demands through intense training, background checks, and a dedication to professionalism.

15+ year Experience
15+ year Experience

SK MAID has more than 15 years of experience in the cleaning field and has perfected its skills. Our years of experience provide us with the information and abilities to confidently take on even the most challenging cleaning jobs.

Award Winning

Our dedication to delivering superior cleaning solutions has not gone unnoticed. SK MAID has been honored with prestigious awards in recognition of our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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After Fill out the booking form or call us. We will schedule a time for cleaning.

Team Arrive

Our professional cleaning team will come at the scheduled time and be ready to get to work.

Cleaning Process

With top techniques and eco-friendly products, we'll work through every area meticulously for a thorough cleaning.

Final Result

When the cleaning is completed, you'll enter a clean and tidy environment area higher than You expected.

Book Affordable Services: Save Time and Money With Us !

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than coming home to a house that is immaculately clean, smell-free, and very well organized. In our minds, being in a sterile environment benefits our health, helps enhance our mood, and makes us more productive. In contrast, some individuals cannot comprehensively clean everything since they need more time. People wouldn’t have to worry about how luxuriously they were handling their homes these days. SK Maid provides high-quality cleaning Service NYC options customized to meet your requirements.

Your home or place of business will look completely different after using our cleaning service. This is the best method to show your home or place of business how much you care about it.

Keeping your home tidy is important for reasons outside, simply how it looks. It is also about leading a life free from stress and other factors that might harm one’s health.

Because you presumably don’t want a cluttered way of life. We will make every effort to maintain the space you use tidy. Our experienced same-day cleaning service Nyc frees up more of your time so that you may focus on other responsibilities.

Benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service NYC?

Cleaning a household requires time and work to begin. If you work full-time or have children, you may not have time to clean your house. You may need more stamina to clean your house fully even though you are blessed with the capacity. If you choose our top nyc cleaning service, you’ll have more time to focus on household chores or rest.

Our professional cleaning service nyc can give your house a comprehensive clean because they use specialized materials and gear. Years of expertise and training have taught them how to make a house look great. Our business cleaning service nyc achieves great results quickly and work it takes to clean your home yourself.

The sophisticated services trained professionals can provide will help carpeting, furnishings, and decorations survive for a prolonged period. Cleaners can polish hardwood floors and cleanse and repair carpets. With regular wear, you may need to repair flooring and other items occasionally or over time, saving you money.

Some other benefits

Having a maid doing vacuum, shampoo, dust, and scrub will improve air quality in your house. Suppose you or anybody who lives with you has asthma, sensitivities, or another respiration ailment. In that case, clean, breathing air will significantly improve your condition. This is also true for anyone living with you who may be sensitive to asthmatic conditions. Raising your children in a clean environment reduces their risk of developing allergies and asthma.

Should You Spend Your Money on Cleaning Service NYC?

It is money well spent to hire a nyc maid service to clean your home. If you are not attentive, you can find that you have spent more money than necessary on these services. Some nyc cleaning services cost far more than others. Within rich neighborhoods, it is typical for professional cleaning services nyc to enforce a greater cost on their customers. A reputable, long-running nyc cleaning company will certainly charge more.

Always be proactive and pay more for trained, experienced cleaners. Your neighborhood’s cheap cleaning service nyc must provide thorough cleaning or hire unqualified workers. Using the most cost-effective service you can locate may entice you to save money. You’re more likely to attain your goals if you find a respected company.

Why spending money on cleanups is a good option

Many believe paying for commercial cleaning service nyc is a waste of money since they can keep their office clean. You may not be able to make your place as clean as a top nyc cleaning service. The SK Maid team have specific training and used equipment to clean your apartment. The cleaning products purchased in stores will only be able to provide you with a different level of effectiveness.

Hiring a nyc cleaning service relieves you of the duty of keeping your home clean. This means you can get more done, pursue your hobbies and interests, and spend time with family and friends. Hiring the best cleaning service nyc is more than justified when you have extra time for fun or work.

What Qualities Should You Look for in a Reputable Cleanup Company?

People must devote sufficient time and effort to selecting the best cleaning service nyc. When you hire the cheapest business, you can find or place your confidence in an individual you do barely understand at all to clean up your house. On each occasion, there is a possibility that you will have an unfavorable encounter. You must make sure the company you choose provides high-quality services, values you, and trains its employees well.

When you meet someone who uses a nyc cleaning service, ask about their current and past cleaners. Locating a trustworthy local business using this method could be very helpful. If your colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances, or coworkers can’t recommend the best nyc cleaning service, look online.

Other important traits to investigate while employing cleaning services

A professional cleaning service nyc needs to have a footprint of some form on the internet. Private organizations must be listed online or on social networking sites even if they have portals. You can find an online or printed directory of local cleaners and their contact information. After that, the next step is to give such companies a call-in to inquire further about their products and rates.

Reading online feedback and reviews is much easier to find a trustworthy and best cleaning service nyc. Social media platforms and online listings of businesses mostly have comments and recommendations. You get a better idea of what to expect from a provider after reviewing private website reviews and feedbacks.

Maximize your cleaning services in New York.

Hiring the top nyc cleaning service can be expensive, so you want to maximise your investment. This applies whether you pay more for higher-quality services or a cleanup plan with more services than the regular. To ensure that cleaners perform great work in your house, you may ensure their effectiveness by doing the following:

Make sure your one-time cleaning service nyc knows what you expect. Please communicate any specific requirements or concerns you may have. You should feel comfortable asking new services or explaining your home’s needs even if the company’s capabilities are restricted. A cleaning service nyc that places a high priority on its customers will do its best to fulfill your requirements.

Get the most out of your cleaning service provider

Inquire about quality control measures. Before leaving a client’s house, a professional cleaning service nyc should have its personnel undergo a brief quality assurance inspection. By verifying each cleaned place ensure nothing was overlooked. Your cleaning service’s personnel in NYC are not obliged to do a quality check before they leave. Consider hiring a company or asking how you can be sure the cleaners will do a good job.

Regularly perform inspection checks on your property at least once every so often. If you discover it needs to be cleaner, contact a professional cleaning service nyc. It would assist if you gave the cleaners some input or asked them to change a few jobs. If you’re happy with the best cleaning service nyc’s services, you owe them feedback.

Analyze the cleaning strategy you choose. Your needs may alter, or you may want extra services if you’re not happy with your current membership. A nyc cleaning company should make it easy to add treatments or customise your plan.

What our company has on offer for you

Our professional cleaners will make your home or office spotless. Using a systematic strategy analyse the space, formulate a plan, and cleaning, sweeping, and scrubbing locations yet unnoticed.

We want to provide a reliable maid service by being ethical, effective, friendly, and responsive. This is part of our mission to create and maintain a solid business.

We clean our clients’ homes and help keep the globe clean. Our primary emphasis is on using environmentally friendly cleaning products that respond to the ecosystem or are maintainable. We are among the few housekeeping businesses in the United states offering this perk. Our business is licensed and certified to provide you with the utmost peace of mind. We put each of our staff through rigorous screening and mentoring.

Our business is licensed and certified to provide you with the utmost peace of mind. We put each of our staff through rigorous screening and mentoring.

Our customers have faith in us and often refer us to other colleagues, family, and friends. We build connections with our clients, which results in increased confidence and loyalty on their part.

SKMaid pays attention to the task at hand and ensures competitive costs. In case you have received an estimation from any of our rival businesses. If you want to get a decent bargain, make a call at our office.

Because we use cutting-edge, high-tech cleaning vehicles, we can achieve both of the following goals. First, cleaning takes less time, allowing us to offer more competitive pricing. Furthermore, our methodology is far greatly detailed and extensive in its scope. Because of our equipment, we can clean more effectively and in less time. Read More


New York City is the home of SK Maid. This insured and certified cleaning company in New York City is reputable and reliable. Providing environmentally friendly cleaning technologies is at the heart of our custom home and business cleaning services. Even for the pickiest customers, we do our best to provide solutions of the finest quality and durability.

We tailor our one-of-a-kind environmentally friendly cleaning services to the requirements of our customers, whether they need their residences, workplaces, or anything in between service. To provide you with the most satisfying outcomes our staff members are educated to the highest possible standards. You are free to relax, realizing that the experts who clean your home are working toward making it more environmentally friendly and tidy.

You aren’t only going to be employing a house cleaner in New York City of the finest quality but also a business that prioritizes its clients over all other concerns.

Experts in Cleaning You Can Rely On

Hire a cleaning crew that is renowned, competent, and authorized to work in the United States lawfully whenever you need your house or workplace cleaned. We make it a point to hire only the most qualified experts available so that they can attest to the quality of our work. This business serves all the major neighborhoods in New York City. It will bring the housekeeper to the address you provide.

Fast And Reliable Reservation Offered

You may schedule a cleaning appointment in just a handful of clicks now. In addition, you may plan a professional cleaning service appointment for as soon as that same afternoon or as far in advance as you wish for any day in the future. Our workers are here to assist you any day of the week, including Fridays. You can hire the same cleaner monthly or weekly, whatever frequency best suits your needs.

Outstanding assistance for one’s clients

We place a high priority on providing quality assistance for our customers. Our customer care staff is here around the clock to assist you with whatever you require using any of our available funds. You can contact them at any time and are welcome to order our cleaning service at any time, day, or night, using our online booking system. We must be informed regarding when and where you would like our assistance, and we’ll have a seasoned housekeeper at your front door when you need them to be there.

Reasonably priced cleanup solutions

We offer every kind of expert house cleaning imaginable throughout all the main neighborhoods of New York City. To acquire all the assistance you could require for your home or business at one location we try to make it as simple as possible. Hiring a household cleaning company will save you significant money. There’s no way that anything could be more important than your time and energy. We provide a house cleaner in New York City at the most competitive rate. Therefore, if you want to employ our crew right now for extremely reasonable per-hour prices, you can do so.


House Cleaning Service NYC

Our employees have received the training to clean thoroughly while maintaining a courteous demeanor. To keep their attention on the house cleaning service nyc tasks at hand and to refrain from engaging in too much idle chatter the crew has been given the directives. We cannot pledge that everything will be flawless. However, we can guarantee that we will do our best to meet and exceed your expectations. Testimonials are extremely important in this economic sector and provide the most accurate assessment of our work. In addition, we do not need our customers to sign contracts, which means they can choose whether to continue with the house cleaning service nyc at any stage.

Deep Cleaning Service NYC

We are a cleaning company in New York that provides Cleaning service that focus on deep cleaning service nyc and offers a choice of service plans. The first order of business in the spring is to give deep cleaning after a particularly harsh winter season, when most homes are heated with firewood or coal. This specific thorough and detailed cleaning is reffered by the term “Deep Cleaning” is what we call it, making it available to new and returning customers throughout the year.

Residential Cleaning Service NYC

All categories of households can avail themselves of the use of our residential cleaning service nyc. Many people have more of a desire for arrangement than they do for cleaning. SKMaid bills hourly for nyc residential cleaning. Therefore, the clock starts ticking for the residential cleaning service nyc as soon as the staff arrives. Maintenance fees typically include additional services, including event catering, housekeeping, loading or unloading, and laundering. Our customers who have a greater need for additional organizing or other specialized duties around the house are the target audience for this bundle.

Office Cleaning Service NYC

If your workplace is a mess, brimming with dust, and in desperate demand of a severe thorough cleaning, cheap office cleaning services nyc can be reserved through SKMaid. Before you even have time to register what just happened, the expert office cleaning will have eliminated all the dirt and dust in your unclean office kitchen and your untidy workplace.

To ensure that your office is left glittering, scented, fresh, and tidy SKMaid is at your service. From the routine tasks such as clearing the workplace trash and composting, dusting the office, and wiping down desks, to the more customized regular cleaning such as cleaning the office refrigerator and stove top, trying to tackle that office washroom, and washing internal window frames, SKMaid is here to make sure that your office is clean and gleaming.

Move In Cleaning Service NYC

Suppose you employ a Move cleaning service in NYC before moving into your new home. In that case, you can walk in with the assurance that everything is immaculate and that there will be no irritating surprises with dust. Our cleaners can attend to your home before you do so that they can give every area the focus it requires.

It’s common for rooms like basins, bathtubs, and toilets to sit neglected in the days leading up to a relocation, which can cause them to appear extremely unhygienic. When you walk into your new home, you should be greeted by the warmth and ambiance it exudes. So let’s clean it up.

The last thing you want to do is come into a new house that is dirty, messy, and full of clutter after the grueling and exhausting task of relocating. Allow SK Maid to take care of the cleaning and arrangement of your new residence so that you can focus on quickly moving in and enjoying yourself with your loved ones.

Move Out Cleaning Service NYC

Once you’ve packed all the above and evacuated almost everything in your home, it is the ideal time to scrub it thoroughly and prepare it for the market. Many flat and home cleaning agencies provide a Move Out cleaning service nyc option. Still, some provide a comprehensive inspection that cleans every part, from the flooring to the light fixtures.

SKMaid will present you with an exhaustive criterion covering all our services.

Home Cleaning Service NYC

Everyone can understand that housekeeping and washing is a duty that is both physically taxing and mentally draining. We understand you would prefer not to do it yourself, even if it were just for one time. You may want to spend more time with family, or want to do something to relax after a tiring day.

Our professional cleaners will help you relieve some of the burden associated with household maintenance with our one time thorough and detailed home cleaning service NYC so that you have more time to rest or engage in other activities. After this, you would no longer be concerned about getting up in the morning to a cluttered guest-room after attending a night gathering.

Apartment Cleaning Service NYC

Our specialized apartment cleaning service nyc can visit your house on a consistent schedule according to your timetable. Our nyc apartment cleaning service can be scheduled daily, weekly, or recurring. We guarantee that our apartment cleaning service nyc will never skip a single day and will arrive promptly at your residence regardless of the circumstances. If you take apartment cleaning out of your routine, then you’ll have extra time on your hands to engage with your loved ones and friends.

Green Cleaning Service NYC

The highly trained crew performs a careful green cleaning service nyc using only non-toxic cleaning chemicals and environmentally friendly procedures.

Many of our newest customers have reported being delighted by the overwhelming sense of happiness they have enjoyed after receiving one of our comprehensive green cleaning service nyc.

Our team will use herb and plant-based cleaning products and detergents destroy 99 percent of bacteria, eliminate filth and irritants, and won’t make your home smell like the dangerous chemicals typically in conventional cleaning solutions.

Your furniture and surfaces will be infused with vanilla, roses, or lime, providing a pleasant aroma.

Because of the organic ingredients that go into our solutions, you, your kids, and your pets won’t have to worry about them.

Carpet Cleaning Service NYC

If you do not get it professionally cleaned at least once every twelve to sixteen months using warm water extraction the warranty on your carpet will be rendered null and invalid.

Our carpet cleaning service nyc not only assists in removing any irritants that have become stuck in the rugs and contributes to maintaining the sanitation of your household, but it also generally keep your pocketbook happy if a concern occurs. Only cleaning agents that are created entirely from plants and environment-friendly substances are used in our process of thorough carpet cleaning service nyc.

Zero Toxins of any sort there whatsoever, which would be beneficial for the quality of the air inside your home, particularly if you have small kids, cats, or older folk living there.

Maid Cleaning service NYC

Our employee maids undergo extensive training to maintain the safety and hygiene of our clients, workers, and premises. On their ability to utilize the most advanced regular household cleansing technologies our maid cleaning service nyc staff are evaluated. To keep your office’s contents intact and undamaged you may also count on our security-verified cleaning personnel.

Depending on what time of day is most convenient for you, our maid cleaning service nyc will visit in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening. To deal with any challenge efficiently our maid cleaning service nyc is fully equipped. They shall wash everything, beginning with the flooring and working their way up to the ventilation system. We guarantee your complete and utter contentment no matter the circumstances, including the hour of the day, the venue, or the service.

Mattress Cleaning service NYC

Removing dust from your mattress which builds due to continuous utilization is possible, no matter how often you replace your bedding or clean your mattresses. It is impossible to do so completely. The fact that we spend a significant amount of our life on our beds causes a range of biological elements, such as debris, skin cells, hairballs, and other waste, to accumulate over time. This can lead to various medical conditions, including sensitivities and breathing issues.

Our employees at SK Maid have received extensive training in the mattress cleaning service nyc and its associated scientific principles. When cleaning your mattress free of dangerous mites, dirt, bacteria, and other pollutants, we use only one hundred percent natural cleaners with successful cleaning methods.

Window Cleaning service NYC

Whenever you need a reliable window cleaning service nyc provider for your house, you can depend on the professionals at SKMaid. We will stick to your timetable and guarantee our job. You will get the best deal possible regarding window cleaning service in New York because we are the leaders in the industry. We carefully consider the smaller things, way down to the shoes our cleaning staff don. When you hire us as your window cleaning service provider, we ensure that our fully skilled and certified cleaners will only leave behind spotlessly clean windows, ensuring that you will be completely happy with our services.

Couch Cleaning Service NYC

To enhance the air quality within your household you should clean your upholstery regularly. It is possible for bacteria, dirt, fungus, and other irritants to live in your upholstery without the naked eye noticing their presence. A thorough cleaning of your furniture routine by a trained expert can effectively deter needless contaminants from reaching your body through the atmosphere. Despite the absence of obvious spots, the upholstery in your home likely holds bacteria that, although not cleaned, might harm your health. Because exposure to these bacteria might result in illness, it is in your best interest to engage in couch cleaning service nyc as soon as possible.

By providing couch cleaning service nyc, SK Maid strives to getting your lifestyle better. We can get the best possible results in cleaning couches thanks to the special cleaning machinery and knowledgeable staff that we employ. Because we place a high value on our clients, you can expect our staff to put in extra effort to ensure that the furniture meets the needs of every one of you.

Dry Cleaning Service NYC

SKMaid’s dry cleaning service nyc is great for anything that must be cleaned, pressed, and hung after delivery. Whether you are a working professional or a household time is too precious and vital to be wasted on washing Laundry. Let us handle it for you.

Our Laundry offers dry cleaning service nyc pickup and deliveries. Within three days, our dry cleaning service nyc will pick up your clothing, give them a thorough washing and pressing, and then deliver everything back to you. Also, the environmentally friendly dry cleaning service nyc that we have won’t cause any damage to the natural environment.

AC Cleaning Service NYC

In the summer heat, having a dependable and effective air conditioner is key to preserving a comfortable environment inside your home. It is a challenging undertaking to clean your air conditioner. Therefore, most people search for expert AC cleaning service nyc. Our services will ensure that your system remains in good operating condition for a prolonged period.

Therefore, you can call our skilled AC cleaning service nyc for proper cleaning, as it will provide you with the finest services and can clean your air conditioner so that it works properly. If you want to employ our AC cleaning service nyc, you can do so here. To function at their most optimal level your air conditioners need to be serviced on a routine basis. AC cleaning service nyc for your air conditioner is also available at quite affordable and economical prices.

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what Our Client Say

SK MAID fulfills my expectations! They cleaned my four-bedroom house in a few hours. Their attention to detail and professionalism are exceptional. I highly recommend their services to anyone needing the best cleaning solutions.

Jenny Willson Manager, hotel

I've been using SK Maid for over a year now and they are extremely reliable. I've used other cleaning services before, but they were never as consistent or reliable as SK Maid. They always show up on time, do a thorough job, and their prices are reasonable--despite how much I need them!

David P House owner

I have decided never to do the cleaning work by myself. Ever. The staff cleaned the apartment and the driveway in a shorter time than expected. The very same thing takes me a whole week to do! What an amazing and much-appreciated help.

Tim David House owner

Whenever you are running late and feel the need to get your home dusted, this is an excellent service. The staff was wonderful and did extremely well to ensure that the flat was spotless by the time they left. The fact that they could wipe the old spots from the side tables is particularly impressive. Thank you very much

Simon Jones House owner


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We accept all online payments, including PayPal, credit card and debit card transactions, bank transfers, Payoneer, wise, cash app, crypto and cash. We ensure that using SK Maid to make a reservation is a risk-free and reliable option. If you want to give tip money to our cleaning staff, you are welcome to do so. Without our permission If you paid cash directly to the cleaner then your service payment will not adjusted. These expenses are also not refundable.
We don't bring a vacuum, mop, broom, or container with our cleaning materials. If there is a particular item you would want us to utilize, make it clear to us in advance so that we can make it available for the cleaner to use it.

We have eco-friendly cleaning teams. Make the request, and we will provide an environmentally friendly cleaning crew at no additional cost.

For a truly deep clean, you need to clean more frequently and extensively, which suggests that endurance and accuracy are important considerations.
Our cleaning crew will sanitize your showers, basins, and bathrooms. You should look for an experienced washroom cleaner who can remove marks from your basin, the countertops in your kitchenette, and your washroom, kill germs, and not include chemicals. After applying some cleaning agents and allowing them to settle, the person cleaning your kitchen appliance will begin cleaning it and throw away any remaining dirt.
If the activities of everyday living are a big source of stress in your lifestyle or if they consume a substantial amount of your spare time, the most effective answer for you would be to hire a house cleaner. You should do so if you can spend a little bit more money.
Nope, give us the keys to the entrance, and we'll handle everything else from there on out. You can leave a key wherever it is most convenient, such as underneath the doormat or in the letterbox.
Although we provide an approximation of one hour for each bedroom, we don't define how long the cleaning will take. We work until we have achieved the desired level of cleanliness for a typical household and within reasonable parameters. We have the right to make reasonable adjustments to both the approximate and the payment in the event of unusual circumstances or very big properties.
Our skilled cleaners are qualified and accredited, have received considerable training, and have had their identities and affiliations checked. So you need not worry at all.

The price of cleaning a house is usually somewhere in the region of $100, varying from as little as $80 to as much as $200. The standard billing mechanism for cleaning services is by the hour, with an estimated $50 per hour fee.

A standard cleaning service may consist of dusting and sweeping the floors, mopping surfaces in the toilets and pantry, unloading waste bins, rinsing faucets and bathrooms, dishwashing and then doing dry cleaning, and cleaning out tough places such as under beds.

However, we do provide house cleaning services at the last minute. But to do that, we should determine whether our staff members will be accessible then. If they are available we would be more than happy to provide our services to you.
In most circumstances, we recommend that you hire a cleaning service to come to your house every other week. It will undoubtedly give you an idea of your and the other family members' requirements. In addition, our experienced analyst would be happy to provide you with recommendations tailored to your unique requirements.

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