About us

A satisfied householder keeps their house tidy. If simply the procedure of cleaning the home weren’t so time-consuming and involved, we’d be much better off. When you own a house, you will inevitably be required to clean it. It would help if you got a supporter on your side to assist you in completing your task list plan so that you can devote more of your time to the activities that bring you delight. SKMaid is eager to be of assistance. We are one specialized commercial and residential maid service company that cleans homes from top to bottom using only non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Because we comprehend our clients’ prerequisites, necessities, and anticipations, we have successfully preserved each of our cleaning contracts ever since the company was founded. We can respond to any concerns within a few hours, and we continue employing cutting-edge technology and creating creative new concepts.

To guarantee that management is kept up in the relevant domains, we observe and agree upon schedules to facilitate the administration of each of our domains:

  • Audits of the cleanliness of the facility are performed promptly on a monthly, bimonthly, and weekly basis
  • Surprise spot checks – monthly and daily reaction groups available for 2 hours to resolve any problems that may arise
  • Customer engagement

At SKMaid, we believe that all our contractual agreements are handled efficiently because we adhere to these four important principles, and as a result, our workforce is pleased, productive, and committed.

SKMaid was established to connect homes with reputable expert cleaning staff at prices within their budgets. We intend to provide you with the highest quality house cleaning that is presently available. First, we’re getting started on our aim to make cleaning facilities available to anybody and everyone.

Our hardworking cleaning staff is actual experts who will convert your house or workplace into a pristine environment for you to enjoy. They use a methodical approach to analysing the area, formulating a plan to carry out the task at hand, and wasting no time cleaning dust, sterilizing, scrubbing, sweeping, and scrubbing spots they haven’t paid close attention to before.

We aspire to develop and give a reliable maid service to our clients by providing a quality experience that is consistently ethical, effective, courteous, and reactive. This is part of our mission to create and maintain a solid business.

In addition to ensuring that our clients’ houses are spotless, we also do all we can to help keep the planet itself tidy. Our primary emphasis is on using environmentally friendly cleaning products that respond to the ecosystem or are maintainable. We are among the few housekeeping businesses in the United States offering this perk.

To provide you with the utmost peace of mind, our business is licensed and certified, and we put each of our staff through rigorous screening and mentoring.

Our customers have faith in us and often refer us to other colleagues, family, and friends. We build connections with our clients, which results in increased confidence and loyalty on their part.

Here at SKMaid, we pay attention to the task in question and take notice to ensure that our prices are competitive and affordable. In case you have received an estimation from any of our rival businesses and want to get a decent bargain, make a call at our office.

Because we exclusively use the latest cutting-edge, high-tech cleaning vehicles, we can achieve both of the following objectives: To begin, the amount of time required for cleaning is significantly less, which enables us to provide them at more competitive pricing. Furthermore, our methodology is far greatly detailed and extensive in its scope. Because of our equipment, we can clean more effectively and in less time.